Many people thing that the Sunday Service is “Church”. However, the people are the Church. The Sunday Service is a Celebration—an opportunity for the people (the Church) to gather for worship, teaching, prayer and encouragement.  Our ultimate goal is to make Disciples as Jesus modeled throughout his life.


  • What time is the Sunday Celebration?    11:00 AM
  • Will I be put on the spot or singled out?  No. It’s ok to sit and just observe. We’re not going to ask you to stand up and introduce yourself.
  • What is a Communication Card?  We encourage our entire Church Family to use this card to let us know of life changes—address, phone, email, etc. It is also useful to get acquainted with our guests and to give people the opportunity to tell us where they would like to serve.
  • I’m not sure about this church thing? Honesty about where you are is valuable. Jesus encouraged people to “Come and see”!

Do I need to dress up? You can if you like but you don’t have to. Most of the NBF Family will be in casual dress; however from time to time ladies may tend to dress up more as well as the men.
We do have an informal meet and greet for our Guests.

We have 58 guests and no members online