Huddle is the vehicle that we use to provide the highest levels of invitation and challenge to those we are discipling. It is composed of a group of people (based on our belief that Jesus always discipled in groups), who are all seeking to grow more like Jesus in their character and competency and led by a leader who offers their own life, community and understanding of Scripture for others to imitate. Huddle forms at the intersection of the life of those being discipled and the life of Christ modeled in Scripture, the local church community and the leader who is doing the discipling. From first, taking note of where the Holy Spirit is already working, the leader of a Huddle helps people hear what God is saying to them and act on it.

It is important to note that Huddle in and of itself is not discipleship. Huddle is the formal component of discipleship that helps people process life and God appropriately in a group setting. The informal component of discipleship that accompanies this formal vehicle is access to the leaders life. Great Huddle leaders then are not just those who know how to lead a group, but rather those who also know how to make their life accessible to those that they are leading.


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