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Sun, Mar 30, 2014
Duration: 47 mins 47 secs
P.O.V. To be a disciple of Christ, you must accept His invitation and His challenge no matter the cost!
Sun, Mar 16, 2014
Duration: 44 mins 8 secs
Sun, Mar 09, 2014
Duration: 46 mins 17 secs
P.O.V. - God is committed to expanding His family through a group that is thankful for His grace and thrilled to share in His purpose!
Sun, Mar 02, 2014
Duration: 42 mins 19 secs
P.O.V If the gospel to spread to the elect, you must endure hardship.
Sun, Feb 23, 2014
Duration: 42 mins 19 secs
P.O.V. Jesus doesn't calls us to be just a Casual Friend; He wants us to be Adamant Followers.
Sun, Feb 16, 2014
Duration: 50 mins 2 secs
Sun, Feb 09, 2014
Duration: 33 mins 21 secs
Sun, Jan 12, 2014
Passage: Daniel 11:32
Duration: 42 mins 44 secs
P.O.V. -God wants us to know Him, and the first place to start is with his character.
Sun, Jan 05, 2014
Passage: Luke 12:15-21
Duration: 41 mins 21 secs
P.O.V. God wants you to know and live by your purpose.
Sun, Dec 29, 2013
Duration: 44 mins 20 secs
P.O.V- Life's challenges will either unsettle you or they will uplift you.
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